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Owner's Guide to The Business Mind

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What People Are Saying

A comprehensive must have book, Owner’s Guide to The Business Mind identifies the critical elements of meaningful learning and behavioral changes that occur through transformative facilitation.

Bill Denyer, MA Ed, Adjunct Faculty member, Las Positas College

Not only has Ms. Young provided a much needed, contemporary, common sense resource for the training and learning industry, but also an intellectually superior toolbox for management consulting practitioners as a whole.

Robert Ford, managing partner, Tempus Trade Partners, LLC

Dorothy Young provides a roadmap of innovative ideas on how to have a successful training career, whether in your first or twentieth year in the business.  Full of immediately applicable ideas to enhance your facilitation skills and your adult learners experience.

Jim Barr, CEO, Just In Time Facilitation, LLC


It’s All About Getting Better Results Faster

Owner’s Guide to The Business Mind provides leaders and learning professionals in any size company with a proven, scientifically based strategy for building, delivering, and measuring training to get better results faster.  This partnership between leaders and learning professionals is unrivaled in its potential to deliver remarkable achievements. 

Business consultant and learning expert, Dorothy Young, reveals the reason why many companies today struggle to hit business targets and provides groundbreaking solutions based on insights gained from neuroscience research.

What leaders need to know

Your company may be missing out on the most effective way to achieve business targets. Owner’s Guide to The Business Mind draws on extensive research and exposes alarming trends about how our brains’ development is being compromised and the negative impact that is having on business.

Find out why transformative facilitation is the linchpin to reverse this trend and how advanced training competencies influence what happens in the brains of team members and their actions toward goals. 

What learning professionals need to know

Business partners need your expertise in learning now more than ever. The current system of adult learning can no longer provide the level of training that is needed because there are forces in our environment that are changing how we use our brains.  This has the potential to negatively change our evolutionary course. Find out how you can gain the skills required for the future learning world, change a deteriorating path, and become an in-demand facilitator right away.  

The new learning world

Owner’s Guide to The Business Mind gives you a new perspective on how to accomplish goals and ensure your workforce is performing at optimal levels. Some of the key things you will learn include how to:

 Increase ROI

Transform facilitation skills

Develop business acumen

Measure what matters

Once you discover how the brain learns best, it will change your company’s DNA. This is one book you cannot afford to be without because, ultimately, it’s all about getting better results faster!


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